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Our Process

We help you understand each step of the way with a clearly defined process

Our Process 


Financial Planning can seem difficult or overwhelming. As financial planners, our job is to make things easier to understand. We do this through our process, where we clearly define each step and outline what comes next to help guide you every step of the way. 


We collaborate with you to understand your situation and identify your goals


We begin designing a financial plan that is aligned with your goals


We work together to implement your financial plan with clear expectations and direction


We review the financial plan together to make sure we are still on course towards your financial objectives

Understand & Identify

The  first step of our process is understanding your situation and identifying your goals. During this step, we collaborate with you to get an understanding of where you are, and what your long-term financial goals & objectives  are. 


Next, we begin designing your financial plan. The planning process involves reviewing  and planning in a number of areas including investments, tax, estate, retirement and insurance. We evaluate your current situation in these areas to determine and define the best course of action towards your financial goals.


The third step of our process is implementing the financial plan and creating the Investment Policy Statement. The Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is a written agreement between us in the client that defines the client's specific investment goals, along with the agreed upon investment strategy. The IPS will change over time as the client's needs change

Monitor & Review

The last step of our process is monitoring and reviewing your financial plan. Over time, your needs and objectives may change. As these changes occur, we will collaborate with you and make adjustments to your plan as necessary, to better reflect your changing needs.

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