Crescent Sterling, Ltd. is a Registered Investment Adviser founded in New Orleans in 1992. We provide investment management services and financial consulting for individuals, retirement plans, corporations and trusts.


Our goal at Crescent Sterling, Ltd. is to provide superior service and personalized attention with reasonable investment returns commensurate with client-directed risk guidelines. To achieve this goal, we emphasize personal service and the availability of investment and financial professionals. The investment strategy is implemented through each client's individual account with Crescent Sterling maintaining investment discretion over the buy and sell decisions for our clients. We will invest in individual stocks, corporate or municipal bonds, U. S. Treasury instruments, or mutual funds based on individual client needs.


Our management fee, charged on a quarterly basis, is based on the value of the investments we manage for our clients. This method of compensation is advantageous to our clients because compensation derived from an on-going management fee makes the investment decision independent of commission based transactions. It also provides an ongoing incentive to provide services as needed and to continue managing investments in the best interest of the client.



Guiding Principles

  1. Provide risk management through asset allocation and diversification

  2. Provide full disclosure of all fees and expenses associated with our relationship

  3. To put the client first in every aspect of our relationship

  4. To use simple, clear and understandable investments

  5. Direct management of assets