April 2019: To Roth or Not To Roth

To Roth, or not to Roth, that is the question. Who would have thought that Shakespeare would be so educated on 21st Century savings techniques? In all seriousness, many of us have heard of Roth IRAs and their potential benefits, but exactly how do these accounts function and when are they best suited for your use? This month’s newsletter will discuss the basics of Roth IRAs, who can and should contribute to them, and the IRS rules applied to Roths. For starters, Roth is short for Roth Individual Retirement Account (Roth IRA). Roth IRAs are retirement accounts that give you the ability to save and grow after-tax funds tax-free. Meaning, funds that have been taxed are contributed to a Roth

March 2019: What does it take to retire

Retirement, for some of us is right around the corner, for others it is just a dream in the sky. But, have you ever actually tried to calculate out how much money you will need to retire or how much you should be saving monthly in order to retire with that amount? There are many variables involved and not everything will go as you planned; however, going through the process we provide today will at least give you an estimate of the amount needed. There are numerous retirement calculators available with complex formulas that account for various variables that are beyond the scope of this article; however, the steps below will give you an understanding of the process. Determining your Income

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